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SEC is located in the best spots to have access to cultural and educational exchanges with any other foreigners naturally. Studying there will be a very global experience and an eminent decision to get an opportunity that can be needed for success. They offer a wide and systematic number of programs for international students - improving English skills with solid basis as a second language. And internship programs -focusing on the career for someone who wants to get valuable work experience in professional field. 

They have expert teachers and each countries' counselors to assist students by teaching English from beginner to advanced skills and giving right directions of curriculum. Also, they have diverse activities ( field trip in Toronto, soccer club, trip via ISX travel agency, etc) to make a plan ,talk together in English even though both of them being international accepting each other's differences without problem.  These are traits that SEC only can reveal! When I've just settled in here, I was afraid of talking with my foreigner friends and teachers in English. But, whenever the time goes by of SEC, my English skills made remarkable progress and now everyone would say to me that I'm very talkative. Like this, SEC gave me by products of hard work and my time in SEC is more rewarding than i could have expected in many directions.

I'm really appreciate of everyone who head me to be professional in my life!

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